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Tariff Number 4

CVEA's rules and regulations are laid out in the tariff.

Through these service policies, it is the intent of the Association to provide a helpful guide to the consumer, the electrical and building trades, and the employees and representatives of the Association; to achieve efficient and safe electrical service; and to ensure all consumers of the Association receive uniform and equitable consideration.

Download the Tariff Number 4 to view a complete copy of the CVEA Tariff. Use the bookmarks within the document to find the sections you wish to reference.

Notice of Tariff Changes, March 1, 2023

Click for Official Notice to Members. The notice provides a summary of proposed changes to include rate modifications (transition residential and small commercial rate classes to unified rates of 11 cents per kWh within 5 years) and other non-material changes.

**To view the presentation given at the public hearing on Monday, March 20, click here

**To watch the video of the public hearing, click the YouTube link below.


**To request an impact statement demonstrating how the proposed rate change will impact your individual bill in the first year, please email customerservice@cvea.org.

**To view all proposed changes to the Tariff, highlighted in red, click this link Red-lined Version of the Tariff

**Member comments can be received at the office, via the comment section on your member bill, or by emailing customerservice@cvea.org. Comments will be accepted until May 8, 2023. 

Detailed information may be obtained from Jaime Matthews, Chief Financial Officer, CVEA, PO Box 45, Glennallen, AK 99588, phone: (907) 822-3211, (907) 835-4301 or by email: jmatthews@cvea.org