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For up to date outage information call the
Emergency After Hours: (866) 835-2832

Obtaining New Service

New Members

An informational packet, New Member Packet , is distributed to new members of Copper Valley Electric Association. The packet explains cooperative membership , provides general and historical information about CVEA, and addresses frequently asked questions.

New Service

CVEA now offers a construction calculator to provide an estimate for a PERMANENT, SINGLE-PHASE, RESIDENTIAL new service. Visit the Construction Calculator.

If you are a current CVEA member and would like to receive new or upgraded service, please visit the Construction page for information.

If you would like to receive service as a new member or at a new location, it is necessary to complete an application. residential and business applications are available below. If the facility is not currently serviced by CVEA, it is important that you speak with a CVEA representative. Please call either 822-3211 or 835-4301.


The Association requires a separate deposit for each meter. Read more about deposits .

Access to Customer's Property

Each customer shall make available to the Association a suitable site to place facilities for the furnishing and metering of electric service and shall permit Association employees, agents, and independent contractors to have access to such facilities. Access to facilities must be safe and without interference from hostile dogs or any other hostile source for meter reading, bill collecting, inspection, maintenance, replacement, relocation, repair or disconnection of such equipment at all reasonable times. This includes clear access during the winter months.

Right-of-Way Clearing and Danger Trees

CVEA periodically clears rights of way under and around electric facilities to ensure and enhance system reliability. Please do not use rights of way as storage areas. If you notice trees leaning towards power lines or into the rights of way, please contact CVEA.

Do not attempt to remove a fallen tree from a power line, call CVEA at 822-3211 or 835-4301 to have the tree removed.