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Co-op Membership

Types of Memberships

CVEA is a member-owned cooperative. As a member, you are entitled to one (1) vote at an Annual Membership Meeting or Special Membership Meeting, CVEA Bylaws provide that member elections are conducted by mail balloting. It is important for you to keep your membership current with changes that may occur. The following are guidelines for your information:

  1. Single Membership - Your account lists only your name and only you are eligible to vote.
  2. Joint Membership - Your membership is joint if two people are listed on your account. Either person of a joint membership is eligible to vote, but not both people.
  3. Corporate - Your membership is listed in the corporation's name. The membership card should be kept current with active authorized signers/voters for the account (e.g., corporate business, organizations with officers, associations, churches, etc.).

Each membership is entitled to one (1) vote, whether it is a single, joint, or corporate membership; however, only the persons who have signed the membership card are eligible to vote for the membership.

Membership Requirements

To become a member, an individual must have first:

  1. Made a written application for membership (application for service);
  2. Agreed to purchase electric energy from the Association;
  3. Agreed to comply with, and be bound by, the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Association and any rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors.
  4. Membership becomes active when power is supplied to the applicant.
  5. Active membership entitles the individual to vote.

Member Responsibilities

As a member, you should be interested, well informed, and active in Association business. You should attend member meetings, vote in director elections, and speak up for CVEA on legislative and other matters affecting the Association. The Association also asks that you cooperate in granting right-of-way easements; paying your electric bill on time; keeping a path to your electric meter clear; and reporting power interruptions, damage to poles or lines, and any unusual or dangerous conditions.

CVEA strives to keep members informed through Behind the Switch -a Newsletter Edition, the cooperative's Facebook page, and various news releases and print and radio advertising campaigns. In January 2024, the Co-op launched Behind the Switch - a Newsletter Edition which replaced Ruralite Magazine as CVEA's official means of member communication. The e-Newsletter is emailed directly to member inboxes each month. It contains a wide variety of important information that may be of interest to the membership. 

For more information, see the New Member Packet .