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Right of Way Clearing

Right of way clearing is an important part of CVEA's goal of delivering safe, reliable, cost-effective electric service. Trees and branches that grow into the power lines can cause outages and system disturbances especially when we have wet snow, ice or severe wind conditions. Tree and brush clearing can help reduce the number and length of outages. By keeping the brush and shrubbery out of the right of way, emergency repairs can be completed faster and the length of outages reduced. In order to maintain an adequate level of reliability and to ensure a high-standard of quality service to our members, CVEA monitors and manages vegetation growth that may create a potential problem.

Existing overhead lines and equipment are evaluated to ensure appropriate clearances are maintained. The growth cycle of trees and brush is also looked at; some faster-growing trees may require more clearance than others. The CVEA line crews have demonstrated due diligence in removing and trimming only what is necessary. In some cases a tree may not look as though it will create a line conflict, but in the winter when loaded with snow or ice it can contact the overhead lines. Tree branches can cause blinking lights or momentary outages during heavy winds when they come in contact with power lines.

Trimming trees close to a high-voltage power lines pose serious risk. In fact, tree trimmers who work in close proximity to power lines and other equipment are required to have special training to ensure safe work procedures for themselves and the public.

If you have a tree that is within 10 feet of a CVEA overhead line or have concerns that a tree could hit the line, please call CVEA at 822-3211 or 835-4301 for a consultation for possible trimming or removal.

Right of Way information has been featured numerous times in Ruralite Magazine to help members understand the issues and challenges we face along our ROW. Click the link below for recent articles.

Reliable Power and the Right of Way

Check out www.arborday.org for more information on appropriate placement of trees.