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Disconnect Policy

CVEA is a member-owned cooperative. Members who do not pay their bills on time cost all members money. Over the past few years, CVEA has tightened up our collection efforts, with the goal of consistency amongst all members. The purpose of this policy is to define CVEA’s collection efforts.

Collection Notices

CVEA’s tariff section 10 addresses the rules and regulations for billing and collections. Bills get mailed on or around the 20th of each month. Bills are due when rendered, as the electricity usage was from approximately one month prior. A member’s failure to receive bills or notices that have been properly addressed and mailed by way of the United States Postal Service will not prevent the bills from becoming late or excuse the member’s responsibility for payment. If you do not pay your bill within 25 days of the billing date, your account is considered past due and a late fee will be assessed, $10 for residential members and $50 for commercial members.

First Notice

If you forget to pay your bill by the past due date, the first notice of disconnect is printed on the next monthly billing statement. The message on the bill says, “The previous balance listed above is now past due and subject to disconnect on (15 days after billing date).”

Second Notice

At least three working days prior to the disconnection date, CVEA will make reasonable attempts to contact the member. CVEA defines reasonable as three notifications, which can be made by either email or phone. In the event we are unable to leave a message or make contact, a door knocker will be put on the member’s premises at least three working days prior to disconnect. If direct contact with a member occurs, no additional phone calls will be made. If a member lives more than 25 miles from the nearest office, a reminder letter will be mailed instead of a doorknocker, per section 10.10 of the CVEA tariff.

There are special rules for landlords and members on life support. If either of these exceptions pertains to your account, please make sure your information is up to date in our system. Landlords will be notified of possible disconnect if tenant contact has not been made or if tenant payment commitments have not been followed through on. Tenants will be notified three days prior to disconnect.


CVEA allows each member one extension beyond the disconnect date. A note will be made on your account for future reference and no additional extensions will be granted beyond the disconnect date.

Deferred Payment Agreements (DPA)

CVEA’s tariff allows residential members with extreme economic hardships to enter into a DPA. In summary, the DPA requires that 1/3 of the total bill amount is due with the stipulation that future bills must be kept current during the three-month agreement period.


After all noticing requirements have been met, CVEA will disconnect the account if payment has not been received. CVEA has no limitations for disconnection, including the winter months. If you are disconnected, your deposit amount will be reviewed and may be collected on at reconnect. Deposits for an account that has been disconnected for nonpayment will be calculated at three times the average monthly usage for the service location. CVEA has up to three business days to have service reconnected.

Fee Charges

If the account is disconnected, a $50 reconnect fee is charged during business hours and $200 outside of business hours.

Download the CVEA Disconnect Policy with 2024 Billing Dates