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Damage Claims

CVEA tries to deliver consistent quality power. We perform regular maintenance on all of our equipment and take other preventative measures (see Service Reliability article). Even with those efforts we do experience outages and sometimes those affect electronic equipment. If an outage is related to negligence on our part, by going through the CVEA damage claim process you may be reimbursed for the loss.

Please be advised that section 5.9 of the tariff reads: "It is the consumer's responsibility to provide suitable protective equipment for the devices and appliances on his premises. If three-phase equipment is used, it is the consumer's responsibility to protect such equipment against single phase operation and under and over voltage conditions". For a complete copy of CVEA's tariff

If you believe you have equipment that may have been damaged by negligence of CVEA, please contact Customer Service in Glennallen at 822-3211 or Valdez at 835-4301. A Customer Service representative will collect pertinent information from you and provide you an insurance form. When you receive the form (Consumer Report of Damages) complete and return it to CVEA. Please document all expenses related to the claim with receipts, photos, or other relevant information.

CVEA will file the claim with our insurer, and you will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your claim. At this point the insurer's insurance claim adjustor becomes your primary contact for the claim. Using a third party to investigate claims helps maintain the integrity of the damage claim process. The claims adjustor may request more information from you and/or the cooperative during the investigation. The insurer will accept or deny the claim. The claim may be settled at actual cash value, cost to repair or replacement cost. Call the co-op for more information.