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Estimating Construction for Your Residential Service

CVEA offers a construction calculator to provide a free, rough estimate of a permanent, single-phase, residential connection at a given location.

  • The calculation is an estimate and does not include variables such as land terrain, elevation fluctuations, possible permitting requirements, and other variables.
  • This is for permanent, single-phase, residential connections only. For temporary, commercial, or three-phase connections, or a service modification, please visit the construction webpage

To Complete the Calculation

There are two pieces of information needed to use the calculator – location of nearest source of power and distance from source of power to the location of your future meter base.

Step 1: Location to Nearest source of power

*Click the picture representing the closest source of power.
  • Equipment color and labeling may vary.
  • Underground transformers and junction boxes look very similar. Transformers should have a T included the identifier (e.g. SER T18), while junction boxes do not.
  • DISCLAIMER: Do NOT attempt to touch or open the equipment pictured below, as it is energized.

Step 2: Distance from source of power to the location of your future meter base

Input the distance, in feet, from the source of power (indicated in the picture selected above) to the approximate location where the meter base will be installed. If you wish to inquire further after this calculation, please contact construction@cvea.org.

Final, Rough, Estimated Cost