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Important Rate Information - May Billing

Between October 2023 and April 2024, CVEA generated approximately 12 percent more hydropower than budgeted. This resulted in an overcollection of estimated fuel costs.

To account for this and lessen the impact to members, CVEA reduced the cost of power rate by 4.33 cents/kWh on the April billing and will further reduce the rate by 9.11 cents/kWh on the May bill.

May will reflect our transition to summer generation, utilizing 100 percent hydropower.

Members can view their billing and usage details at https://cvea.smarthub.coop/Login.html.

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Know What 's Below!

Call Before You Dig.

Anyone planning an outdoor project that requires digging, regardless of the depth or the size of the project, must contact Alaska Digline to request a locate by calling 811 before you dig.

Advance notice is required.

Alaska Digline asks callers to be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name, address, and contact information

  • Location of the excavation/demolition

  • The type and extent of the work involved

  • What the depth of the excavation will be

  • The start date and time of the planned excavation/ demolition

 Visit call811.com for more information.

People Behind the Switch Video Series

Go Behind the Switch with Video

So much goes on behind the switch at your local electric cooperative. For a comprehensive look into your Co-op, view our Behind the Switch video. We are also happy to announce the third in our People Behind the Switch video series - 'An Office Story'. You can watch the entire award winning video series at the links below. We hope this series leaves our member-owners with a good understanding of what we face, the people who work hard every day on their behalf, and a sense of pride in all we accomplish.

Watch Behind the Switch Video Here

Watch "People Behind the Switch - An Office Story" here

Watch "People Behind the Switch - A Lineman Story" here  

Watch "People Behind the Switch - An Operator Story" here  

Watch the Solomon Gulch Hydro video here  

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