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CVEA is excited to embrace a new era of communication. In line with the Co-op’s commitment to deliver more timely and relevant information, CVEA has decided to shift from distributing the traditional printed Ruralite Magazine each month to a more affordable, flexible, and sustainable digital newsletter format. 
Behind the Switch - A Newsletter Edition launched via email January 2024 and now delivers each month, on the second Thursday, directly to Member emails.

It is also loaded each month right here on the Behind the Switch eNewsletter page.

Why the Change?
The move from Ruralite Magazine to a digital format was contemplated after 2021 Member Survey results indicated only 30% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the magazine is a useful communication tool. Conversely, 66% agreed or strongly agreed that email is the most useful way to communicate non-outage information to members. 
Through this new approach, CVEA hopes to foster stronger, more transparent communications, made easier and more accessible for CVEA members. Going digital will allow the Co-op to provide members with more timely and meaningful updates. 
Finally, the change will provide efficiencies, cost savings, and less paper waste. 
Stay Updated, Stay Connected
Each month, the digital newsletter will be emailed directly to the member inbox CVEA has on file. To ensure you don’t miss the latest news and information, please make sure your email address is current in CVEA records. 
To update information, members can call 907-822-3211 in the Copper Basin, 
907-835-4301 in Valdez, or email customerservice@cvea.org. SmartHub users can update their information using their SmartHub account. Members will also find the monthly newsletter each month linked on CVEA’s official Facebook page and at cvea.org. 
Your Feedback Matters
CVEA is dedicated to ensuring members are well informed and engaged. If you have questions or feedback regarding the new format or the reasons behind the change, please email Sharon Scheidt, Director of Communications, at sscheidt@cvea.org
The Co-op looks forward to strengthening connections with members through this exciting new communication effort.