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Net Metering

In August, 2012, section 17 of CVEA's Tariff on Net Metering went into effect.

The Net Metering program allows eligible consumers to connect an approved renewable energy generation system to the CVEA grid. The consumer can utilize these systems to offset energy otherwise purchased from, and sell excess energy to, the Cooperative, based on the rules set forth in the Tariff.

Before getting started, please review the Application and Interconnection Standards and Net Metering section of the Tariff . The Net Metering section begins on pg. 79 and the current Non-Firm Power Purchase Rate can be found on pg. 85 of the document.

Click here for an easy to follow Ruralite Magazine article explaining the Net Metering program.

CVEA has reopened the application period to participate in the Net Metering Program. Applications will be accepted as of February 10, 2020. Click here for a Ruralite update.

Due to an increase in peak loads, the maximum allowable kWs for this program, as dictated by CVEA's Tariff, has also increased. This provides for additional nameplate capacity, and an opportunity for members to once again apply for participation in the Net Metering Program.

The limitation to the program’s capacity was created to protect the stability of the CVEA system and to avoid possible operational issues.