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Current Electric Rates

Visit Understanding Your Power Bill for details on rate components, a calculation of a power bill, and a copy of a sample member bill

Important Rate Information Affecting Member Bills 

Between October 2023 and April 2024, CVEA generated approximately 12 percent more hydropower than budgeted. This resulted in an overcollection of estimated fuel costs.

To account for this and lessen the impact to members, CVEA reduced the cost of power rate by 4.33 cents/kWh on the April billing and will further reduce the rate by 9.11 cents/kWh on the May bill.

May will reflect our transition to summer generation, utilizing 100 percent hydropower.

Members can view their billing and usage details at https://cvea.smarthub.coop/Login.html.

Please direct any rate inquiries to Jaime Matthews, Chief Executive Officer (907) 822-3211 or matthews@cvea.org