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Important Notice January 2022 Bill

CVEA must again notify members to expect an increase on their January bill. This is due to both an increase in fuel usage for generation and an increase in the cost of fuel purchased.

Colder temperatures combined with lower than typical lake levels have reduced the amount of water available for hydropower generation since October. Typically, CVEA averages 35 percent hydropower generation throughout the winter months. Currently, less than 20 percent of energy needs are being met with hydro. Less hydro means more gallons of fuel purchased and used for generation.

In addition to increased fuel usage, fuel rates are approximately 77 percent higher than they were just one year ago. In the last month alone, since December rates were calculated, we have seen an increase in 40 cents per gallon.

Finally, on top of increased fuel costs, members typically have higher usage on their January bill. This is often due to colder weather and the holidays, where people are home more, houses are filled with guests, holiday lights are on for long periods, and there may be substantially more holiday cooking and baking.

The events above, combined, have resulted in a January bill reflecting a 5.89¢ per kWh increase over the prior month, and nearly 10¢ per kWh increase over January 2021.

If conditions persist, members should be prepared for higher electric rates through May.

Please remember, fuel is a pass-through cost on the electric bill.

If you have questions regarding this notice or your electric bill, please contact 907-822-3211 in the Copper Basin, 907-835-4301 in Valdez, or email customerservice@cvea.org.