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Copper Basin Outages Likely Will Continue Through the Night

We continue to experience outages in the Copper Basin District affecting members in Copper Center and Kenny Lake. As of this time, members in these areas should expect to remain without power through the night, although we will continue to re-energize sections of line systematically as trees are cleared from the lines.

Crews continue to work in Copper Center and have re-energized some portions of the area. The plan, which is flexible dependent on weather conditions throughout the district, is to continue in Copper Center and then move to the Kenny Lake area. We will know what to expect in Kenny Lake once crews have entered the area. An additional five crew members have been dispatched from Anchorage to aid in restoration efforts.

We continue to experience severe weather conditions. It is critical members are prepared for the possibility of additional outages throughout the district.

CVEA members can get outage information as it becomes available by visiting the Copper Valley Electric Association Facebook page, viewing the Facebook feed on the home page at cvea.org, or by calling CVEA dispatch at 1-866-835-2832. Up to date information will be posted on the voicemail system. Member are encouraged to contact their local office at (907) 822-3211 (during business hours) or dispatch at 1-866-835-2832 if you see hazardous conditions or are experiencing an outage in an area not noticed in the updates.

The Cooperative would like to thank all members for their continued patience.

Additionally, CVEA would like to remind residents to please use caution when riding snow machines, four wheelers, or other equipment along the rights-of-way during this time. Sagging trees, broken trees, drooping power wires, and damaged wires possibly on the ground could cause hazardous conditions.

If you have questions regarding this press release, please contact Sharon Scheidt, CVEA Director of Communications, at 822-5506, 835-7005, or email scheidt@cvea.org.