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CVEA Ruralite Cover Photo Contest Winners Announced!

Copper Valley Electric Association (CVEA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 11th Annual Ruralite Magazine Cover Photo Contest. Congratulations to Laura Stahley, Wayne McKinzey, Ed Pinsky, Leticia Chase, and Linnea Langseth. Two of Laura Stahley’s photos were chosen by CVEA employees this year; Autumn Orange and Fireweed by the Water. Wayne McKinzey also won for his two photos Glacier Runoff and Winter Approaching, and Ed Pinsky for Solitude and Twins. Leticia Chase won for her photo Mirrors and Linnea Langseth for her photo Angels Speaking in Color.

43 photos were submitted by nine member photographers. After being narrowed to 22 finalists, a volunteer team of CVEA employees are given the photos without the photographers being identified, and are asked to vote on their top 8 photos. These votes were tallied to determine our winners. Winners will all receive $100 per photo and will be featured on the cover of Ruralite in 2017, and on CVEA's Facebook page and cvea.org.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the photo contest or any other CVEA topic, please contact Sharon Crisp, CVEA Director of Communications, at 822-5506, 835-7005, or email scheidt@cvea.org.