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Emergency Transmission Line Structure Repairs on Thompson Pass

Construction Area - CVEA Notice to the Public
January 28-February 10, 2016

The public should be aware that Copper Valley Electric Association personnel will be performing emergency repairs to a transmission line structure east of Thompson Pass where the transmission line crosses the Tsaina River in the vicinity of Richardson Highway mile 31.5 at the intersection of Alyeska access road 7 APL/AMS 1A from Thursday January 28th until Wednesday February 10th.
The immediate hazard is de-energized power lines that would normally be suspended many feet above ground level are now laying on or near the ground across the Tsaina River. Snowmachiners should stay clear of this area as the downed power lines can be extremely difficult to see.
CVEA will be utilizing the Alyeska Pipeline right-of-way to bring materials and equipment into the work zone. Crews will be using the 7 APL 2 access road to the pipeline right-of-way approximately 1.4 miles west of the Tsaina Lodge. The Cooperative is asking the public to avoid this access road in order to provide sufficient room for CVEA equipment and materials to be staged, loaded, and unloaded.
CVEA also requests the public to stay clear of the Alyeska Pipeline right-of-way between access road 7 APL 2 mentioned above and the area 1.5 miles to the west as this area will be frequented by heavy equipment during the construction period.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions or comments regarding this issue or any other CVEA topic, contact Sharon Scheidt at 822-5506, 835-7005, or email scheidt@cvea.org.

Map-Construction Zone