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CVEA currently announces student recipients via video. To view award recipient videos 2019 through current, visit the Copper Valley Electric Association's YouTube channel. 


2018 Scholarship Recipients


Gloria Jacobson$1,000 General Scholarship
Aric Cox $500 General Scholarship
Kathleen Hale $500 General Scholarship
Jared Bowden $1,000 General Scholarship
Aidan Hinkle $500 General Scholarship
Bobbi Mott $500 General Scholarship
Celia Chmielowski Youth Rally Scholarship
Gaea Latta-Bard Youth Rally Scholarship

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Amanda Friendshuh $2,000 General Scholarship
Jonah Coats $2,000 General Scholarship
Kathleen Hale Youth Rally

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Taylor Vollman $2,000Copper Basin District
Zoe Langseth $2,000Valdez District
Gerek Chmielowski Youth Rally Copper Basin District
Timothy Kimble Youth Rally Valdez District

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Hannah Cox $500 General Scholarship
Lacayah Engebretson $1,000 General Scholarship
Gayle Kildal $500 Community College Scholarship
John ScottYouth Rally
Shelby Gudgell $500 General Scholarship
Samantha Farmer $1,000 General Scholarship
Emily Doyel Youth Rally

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Trevor Grams $500 General Scholarship
Kendall Maslen $1,000 General Scholarship
Ashley Hicks $500 Community College Scholarship
Taylor Vollman Youth Rally
Kacey Ezell $500 General Scholarship
Isaac Deaton $1,000 General Scholarship
Michelle Duarte $500 Community College Scholarship
Shelby Gudgell Youth Rally

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Kiersten Amrine $500
Mary Sine $500
Emmie Van Wyhe $500
Wesley Voley $500
Tristan Rude Youth Rally
Teanna Hutchison $500
Justin Long $500
Travis McCain $500
Emily Merioles $500
Chris Kimble Youth Rally

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Leah Carlson $500
Cory Craig $500
Mariah Doty $500
Sarah Hall $500
Robben Taylor $500
Kailey Wilson $500
Suzanne Wilson $1,500
Maata Finau Youth Rally
Anna-Grace Jeffries $500
Gretchin Kuchin $500
Forest Masters $500
Chelsea McClara $500
Timi Miner $500
Hannah Norris $500
Travis Moran $1,500
John Snelders Youth Rally

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Ellie Bowman $500
Samisoni Finau $500
Samantha Knutson $500
Elijah Morse $500
Sabryna Shorten $500
Tabitha Yahr $500
Emmie Van Wyhe Youth Rally
Billie Comer $500
Keriann Gilson $500
Blake Kueber $500
Chris Lowe $500
Sarah Rountree $500
Cera Tetz $500
Dustin Coppedge $1,500
Anna-Grace Jeffries Youth Rally

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Sydnee Faulkner $500
Sara Jones $500
Rachel Stumpf $500
Ryan Williams-Cudo $500
Hannah Rosenkrans $500
Josh Lorence $1,000
Ronald Boeddeker $1,500
Daniel Leahy Youth Rally
Colbi Hill $500
Colin Irish $500
Kelsey Lematta $500
Shelby Saylors $500
Quinn Verfaillie $500
Brett Wells $500
Sheila Mann $1,500
Forest Masters Youth Rally

2009 Scholarship Recipients

Katya Rempel $500
Dillon Sondergaard $500
Scott Yahr Jr. $500
Adrina Knutson $500
Gerald Mills Jr. $500
Chantelle Davey $500
Ashley Hicks $1,500
Keaton Shepherd Idaho Youth Rally
Annaliese Hazlett $500
Genevieve Murphy $500
Lindsey Roberts $500
Britni Ezell $500
Alex Wegner $500
Sarah Gussert $500
Marche Bender $1,500
Quin VerfaillieIdaho Youth Rally

2008 Scholarship Recipients

Chris VanWyhe $1,000
Mark Henspeter $500
Katherine Hannan $500
Daniel Hjortstorp $1,500
Alex VanWyhe Youth Rally
Travis Shiell $1,000
Heidi Kuchin $500
Ashley Tanner $500
Michelle Beyer $1,500
William Cullen Youth Rally

2007 Scholarship Recipients

In 2007, $7,000 was awarded in scholarships to graduating high school seniors whose parents are members of CVEA. In the Copper Basin District, five seniors were awarded $500 general scholarships and one was awarded a $1000 Electrical Industry Scholarship. Eight $500 scholarships were awarded in the Valdez District.

Alex Gearhart $500
Emily McCarthy $500
Kari Odden $500
Philip Baur $500
Weston Davey $500
Spencer Jones $1,000
Elise Sorum $500
Jessica Colbert $500
Kelsey Wakefield $500
Andrew Backau $500
Mei-Lani Bixby $500
Sheila Spader $500
Tessa Johnson $500

Alternative Energy Scholarship Winner

Kerstin Cullen $500 Kerstin completed and presented a science project researching the possibility of wind energy on Thompson Pass. CVEA awarded Kerstin a one-time Alternative Energy Scholarship to recognize and reward her for her efforts on this very important and timely subject.