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To view or pay your bill, click the SMARTHUB (tm) link to the left. Logging into your CVEA account now looks a little bit different. CVEA has upgraded to SmartHub, a new system with user-friendly features that will make managing your account simple and efficient. Whether on a computer or using your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS), you’ll be able to pay your bill, view your electric usage, contact customer service and much more. And the best part is your login information will not change! Click here for more information.

CVEA 2017 Annual Meeting

Save the date for the CVEA annual meeting in your district. The 2017 meetings will be held in May, instead of April. The Copper Basin meeting will be on Tuesday, May 2, and the Valdez meeting will be on Thursday, May 4. Both meetings will begin at 6 pm. Mark your calendars!

CVEA Remembers Dedicated Past Director and Friend

Today Copper Valley Electric remembers past Director and friend, Jim Manning, who passed away on Tuesday, February 28. Jim served the members of CVEA on the Board of Directors from 2002 to 2014; holding several Officer positions, including President, for multiple terms. Jim's life was dedicated to youth and his care for students continued with his work on the CVEA Community Foundation, where he also served as Board member and President. Last October, Jim was honored for his efforts in the development of the Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project. We thank Jim for his years of dedicated service, and friendship, and send our thoughts and prayers to his family.