Power Outage Information

The Power Outage Information page was created to give members summary information on outages affecting the CVEA service territory.

When Does CVEA Report Real-Time Information on Outages?

CVEA reports real-time outage information under the following circumstances:

Members should not expect real-time outage information if an outage does not meet the criteria above. It is CVEA's priority to provide real-time outage information during extended outages so members can prepare their homes, businesses, and families to be without power for lengthy periods of time.

We ask that members recognize that the Operator's FIRST priority is to assess the situation and then develop a plan to get the lights back on. The process includes locating the cause of the outage, calling appropriate personnel, bringing additional generation on line as necessary and energizing distribution lines to restore service to customers. Depending on weather, time of day, cause and location, these activities can take minutes or hours, therefore this information is not always available immediately.

CVEA does provide updates as soon as information is available, so if you don't see it initially, please be patient and check back.

How Does CVEA Report Real-Time Information on Outages?

The graphs below show the number of outages for January 2018. They are organized by District, and by cause. These graphs will be updated each month to show the outages for that month.

Heavy snowfall continued to cause a majority of the outages in the Copper Basin in January.  Even with the linecrew attempting to clear off the lines south of Kenny Lake the heavy snowfall caused lines to weigh down causing multiple crossarms to break resulting in extended outages.

There were no outages in the Valdez District in January.

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