CVEA Community Foundation Scholarships

The CVEA Community Foundation scholarship programs are funded with unclaimed, escheated capital credits, fundraisers, and voluntary donations from CVEA members, like you. Please visit the Community Foundation page for details on making a contribution.

Congratulations to the 2018 Scholarship Awards Winners

Gloria Jacobson $1,000 General Scholarship Aric Cox $500 General Scholarship Kathleen Hale $500 General Scholarship
Jared Bowden $1,000 General Scholarship Aidan Hinkle $500 General Scholarship Bobbi Mott $500 General Scholarship
Celia Chmielowski Youth Rally Scholarship Gaea Latta-Bard Youth Rally Scholarship

2018 Scholarship Opportunities

In 2018, the CVEA Community Foundation will offer one $1,000 General Scholarship, two $500 General Scholarships, and one Youth Rally Leadership Camp Scholarship in each district.

The General Scholarship is merit based; scores will be equally weighted among four categories: education, community involvement, future education/career goals, and financial need.

The Idaho Youth Rally Scholarship provides an opportunity for sophomores and juniors attending high schools in our service area to attend a week-long electric industry leadership camp where students practice leadership, communication skills, and teamwork, while learning the importance of the electric industry and issues electric utilities are facing.

The deadline for submitting completed scholarship appication packets is 5 p.m., Friday, February 23, 2018. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Sharon Crisp at 822-5506, 835-7005, or email

General Scholarship Application

Idaho Youth Rally Leadership Camp Application

Learn about the Youth Leadership Program by reading these feature Ruralite Articles: Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders 2016, Youth Leadership Program 2011, Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders 2012, Youth Tour Impacts CVEA's Youth Leader 2013, From Kenny Lake to the Capitol 2013, Local Kids Shine At Youth Rally

Congratulations 2017 Scholarship Winners!

Amanda Friendshuh $2,000 General Scholarship Jonah Coats $2,000 General Scholarship Kathleen Hale Youth Rally

Congratulations 2016 Scholarship Winners!

Taylor Vollman

Zoe Langseth

$2,000 $2,000
Copper Basin District Valdez District

Gerek Chmielowski

Timothy Kimble

Youth Rally Youth Rally
Copper Basin District Valdez District


Congratulations 2015 Copper Basin Scholarship Winners!

Hannah Cox $500 General Scholarship Lacayah Engebretson $1,000 General Scholarship Gayle Kildal $500 Community College Scholarship
John Scott - Youth Rally

Congratulations 2015 Valdez Scholarship Winners!

Shelby Gudgell $500 General Scholarship Samantha Farmer $1,000 General Scholarship Emily Doyel - Youth Rally

Congratulations 2014 Copper Basin Scholarship Winners!

Trevor Grams $500 General Scholarship Kendall Maslen $1,000 General Scholarship Ashley Hicks $500 Community College Scholarship
Taylor Vollman - Youth Rally

Congratulations 2014 Valdez Scholarship Winners!

Kacey Ezell $500 General Scholarship Isaac Deaton $1,000 General Scholarship Michelle Duarte $500 Community College Scholarship
Shelby Gudgell - Youth Rally

2013 Copper Basin Scholarship Winners

Kiersten Amrine $500 Mary Sine $500 Emmie Van Wyhe $500
Wesley Voley $500 Tristan Rude - Youth Rally

2013 Valdez Scholarship Winners

Teanna Hutchison $500 Justin Long $500 Travis McCain $500
Emily Merioles $500 Chris Kimble - Youth Rally


2012 Copper Basin Scholarship Winners

Leah Carlson $500 Cory Craig $500 Mariah Doty $500
Sarah Hall $500 Robben Taylor $500 Kailey Wilson $500
Suzanne Wilson $1,500 Maata Finau - Youth Rally

2012 Valdez Scholarship Winners

Anna-Grace Jeffries $500 Gretchin Kuchin $500 Forest Masters $500
Chelsea McClara $500 Timi Miner $500 Hannah Norris $500
Travis Moran $1,500 John Snelders - Youth Rally

2011 Copper Basin Scholarship Winners

Ellie Bowman $500 Samisoni Finau $500 Samantha Knutson $500
Elijah Morse $500 Sabryna Shorten $500 Tabitha Yahr $500
Emmie Van Wyhe - Youth Rally

2011 Valdez Scholarship Winners

Billie Comer $500 Keriann Gilson $500 Blake Kueber $500
Chris Lowe $500 Sarah Rountree $500 Cera Tetz $500
Dustin Coppedge $1,500 Anna-Grace Jeffries - Youth Rally

Copper Basin Scholarship Winners

Sydnee Faulkner $500 Sara Jones $500 Rachel Stumpf $500
Ryan Williams-Cudo $500 Hannah Rosenkrans $500
Josh Lorence $1,000 Ronald Boeddeker $1,500 Daniel Leahy Youth Rally

Valdez Scholarship Winners

Colbi Hill $500 Colin Irish $500 Kelsey Lematta $500
Shelby Saylors $500 Quinn Verfaillie $500 Brett Wells $500
Sheila Mann $1,500 Forest Masters Youth Rally


$11,500 in CVEA Scholarships Were Awarded in 2009

Copper Basin Scholarship Winners

Katya Rempel $500 Dillon Sondergaard $500 Scott Yahr Jr. $500
Adrina Knutson $500 Gerald Mills Jr. $500 Chantelle Davey $500
Ashley Hicks $1,500 Keaton Shepherd Idaho Youth Rally

Valdez Scholarship Winners

Annaliese Hazlett $500 Genevieve Murphy $500 Lindsey Roberts $500
Britni Ezell $500 Alex Wegner $500 Sarah Gussert $500
Marche Bender $1,500 Quin Verfaillie Idaho Youth Rally


$9,500 in CVEA Scholarships Were Awarded in 2008

Copper Basin Scholarship Winners

Chris VanWyhe $1000 Mark Henspeter $500 Katherine Hannan $500
Daniel Hjortstorp $1,500
Alex VanWyhe - Youth Rally

Valdez Scholarship Winners

Travis Shiell $1,000 Heidi Kuchin $500 Ashley Tanner $500
Michelle Beyer $1,500
William Cullen Youth Rally

$7,500 in CVEA Scholarships Were Awarded in 2007

In 2007, $7,000 was awarded in scholarships to graduating high school seniors whose parents are members of CVEA. In the Copper Basin District, five seniors were awarded $500 general scholarships and one was awarded a $1000 Electrical Industry Scholarship.  Eight $500 scholarships were awarded in the Valdez District.

Copper Basin Scholarship Winners

Alex Gearhart $500 Emily McCarthy $500 Kari Odden $500
Philip Baur $500 Weston Davey $500 Spencer Jones $1000

Valdez Scholarship Winners  

Elise Sorum $500 Jessica Colbert $500 Kelsey Wakefield $500
Andrew Backau $500 Mei-Lani Bixby $500 Sheila Spader $500
Tessa Johnson $500

Alternative Energy Scholarship Winner

Kerstin Cullen $500

Kerstin completed and presented a science project researching the possibility of wind energy on Thompson Pass. CVEA awarded Kerstin a one-time Alternative Energy Scholarship to recognize and reward her for her efforts on this very important and timely subject.