Community Foundation

What is the CVEA Community Foundation?

A 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that promotes and sponsors the community support activities of CVEA, allowing CVEA to do more for the people we serve.

Foundation Mission

To provide scholarships for students and contributions to educational, scientific, and charitable organizations in our communitiies. Education and youth programs stand to be the biggest recipients of Foundation funds.

CVEA's flagship programs are the Educational Scholarship Program, the Youth Leadership Program, and the Non-profit Contribution Season.

Funding of the Foundation

The Foundation is funded through unclaimed capital credits that have escheated back to the Cooperative, fundraisers, and donations from members, like you. There are many ways to make a contribution; you can make a one-time donation by cash, check, or debit/credit card, make a monthly donation by adding a specific amount to your CVEA electric bill, and even donate future capital credit disbursements. One of the easeiest ways to make a contribution is to round-up your electric bill to the nearest dollar each month. Participants who round up their bill contribute between $.01 and $.99 monthly, an average of only $6 a year.

If you'd like to make a contiribution, click the link below and email or drop off at your local office.

Community Foundation 2016 Donation Form

Contributions to Local Non-Profit Organizations

The CVEA Community Foundation also makes contributions to local non-profit organizations to support new or expanding programs. In the last four years, the Foundation has donated just over $25,000 to fund important projects or programs in our communities.
In 2017, the Foundation has just under $12,000 available for contributions. The goal is to help local non-profits make an even bigger impact in our communities.

If you are a local non-profit and are interested in asking the CVEA Community Foundation for financial support, please visit our Community Support page for our contribution guidelines and a very easy interactive application.

$12,648 was awarded in Contributions to ten local non-profit organizations in 2016!

Awards were given to the Valdez Imagination Library to fund a new book each month for a year to preschool-age children and preschool reading events, the Civil Air Patrol Valdez Composite Squadron to fund items for their community outreach and education program, to the Valdez Torpedos Swim Club for the purchase of a record board, Hermon Hutchins Elementary School LEGO Robotics Club, The Valdez Senior Center for the purchase of a greenhouse to support the senior meal program and Home Delivered Meals Program, Wrangell Institute for Science and the Environment to continue the successful In-Class Science Programs, the Frances Kibble Kenny Lake Public Library for their summer literacy camp, the Copper River Basin Child Advocacy Center to sponsor community training events, the Copper River Watershed Project for aquatic ecology field trips for students, and the Copper Valley Community Library for their holiday display and computer coding project.

CVEA Community Foundation Youth Leadership Program

Each year the CVEA Community Foundation sends two students, one from each district, to the Idaho Youth Rally . This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for sophomores and juniors attending high schools in our service area, that allows students to practice leadership, teamwork, and communication skills while learning about the electric industry and issues utilities face.  The Idaho Youth Rally provides an all expense paid week of travel, educational sessions, meeting new people, summer games of challenge and field trips.  The week long summer camp will be held at Albertson College in Caldwell, Idaho, in July.

In addition, while at the Rally, students have an opportunity to earn additional educational scholarships and be selected to serve a two-year term representing their Cooperative and the entire state of Alaska on the National Youth Leadership Council. This privilege allows them to attend the National Youth Tour, along with over 1500 other students from 47 states, in Washington, D.C., return to D.C. for a fun training week with other Council representatives, and participate at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association's annual meeting.

This is an experience like no other and it is waiting for YOU!! Click on the photos above to see some of the fun had at the Youth Rally and the National Youth Tour in Washington, D.C. 'Like' the Copper Valley Electric Association Facebook page to view the complete albums from the trips. You can click the Facebook icon above to go straight to this page.

To read more of the exciting details of both of these experiences, click on the Ruralite articles below.

Help by serving on the CVEA Community Foundation Working Committee

The Working Committee will focus on maximum inclusion and be given latitude to carry out the work plan of the Foundation. It will be casual in nature, with limited meetings and administrative responsibility.
The Committee will be responsible for:
- Fundraising events and activities
- Evaluating/scoring annual non-profit contribution requests
- Submitting recommendations to the CVEACF Board for annual contributions
Meetings will be on an as-needed bases and scheduled to be as convenient as possible for those participating.
This will be fun; everyone interested or those who feel they have great things to offer are encouraged to join in. The more people involved, the easier it is on everyone. All ideas will be welcomed!
If you are interested, please contact Sharon at or give her a call 835-7005.

Contributions were made to seven local non-profit organizations in 2015!

The Foundation recently awarded 2015 contributions to the Valdez Imagination Library to fund a new book each month for a year for 10 preschool-age children to foster the love of reading, the Valdez Co-op Preschool for a new commercial grade printer that will help teachers and students, the Kenny Lake Library to support their summer Literacy Camp, the Hermon Hutchins PTA to sponsor the new Valdez Community Playground, Wrangell Institute for Science and the Environment to continue the very successful In-Class Junior Scientist Program, Connecting Ties for the new Eva's Place Arts and Activities Center, and the Copper River Basin Child Advocacy Center for a 'Defeat the Bully' school program.

Since the first Contribution Season in 2013, the Foundation has awarded over $11,000 to local organizations.


Contributions were made to six local non-profit organizations in 2014!

KCHU was given funds for educational and interactive materials and booth equipment to use with children at community events in Valdez and the Copper Basin as well as youth field trips to KCHU. Valdez Junior Achievement received funding to purchase program materials for students at Hermon Hutchins Elementary School. The Valdez Torpedos Swim Club was given money to purchase much needed swim caps and swimming equipment for their younger participants, and the Valdez Imagination Library was given funding to provide one new book each month throughout the year to ten local children to help foster a love of reading.
In the Copper Basin, the Foundation awarded funding to Francis Kibble Kenny Lake Library to help fund their Summer Literacy Camp, and to WISE to help continue the successful Science in Schools program that was launched three years ago as a partnership between WISE, the CVEACF, and Copper Valley Telecom.

(Francis Kibble Kenny Lake Library and WISE not pictured)

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Valdez Torpedos Swim Club
Junior Achievement Valdez Valdez Imagination Library


PO Box 45, Glennallen, Alaska 99588-0045
PO Box 927, Valdez, Alaska 99686-0927
Copper Basin: 907-822-3211
Valdez: 907-835-4301
Emergency After Hours: 1-866-835-2832

If you have questions about any of our CVEA Communtiy Foundation programs, please contact Sharon Crisp, CVEA Manager of Member Services, at (907) 822-5506, (907) 835-7005, or