CVEA Project Reports

We've created this web page to provide you additional, detailed information on major projects we've worked on over the years. These reports, studies, and analysis assist CVEA staff and leadership in making decisions that are in the best interest of our members.

CVEA invites you to check out the Strategic Issues Papers to learn about projects we've been working on, issues that we face, and opportunities we evaluate.

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Power Generation

Alternative Generation Review - 2006


Allison Creek is CVEA's top initative. For details and updates on the Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project, click here.

Tiekel River Reconnaissance Study - October 2016
Silver Lake Pre-Feasibility Report - December 2010


Proposed MET Tower Site Assessment Valdez - July 2010 Wind Assessment Project 2011-2014
Ruralite Article - September 2011 Ruralite Article - November 2013 Ruralie Article - March 2015



Biomass Analysis-November 2011 Ruralite Article on Biomass - February 2012


Transmission Intertie Studies

Watana Hydro Transmission Conection to CVEA Study
Northeast Transmission Intertie Project 6 - June 1989
Railbelt Intertie Reconnaissance Study 6 - June 1989
Copper Valley Intertie Feasibility Study Volume 1 April 1994 Copper Valley Intertie Feasibility Study Volume 2 April 1994 Copper Valley Intertie Feasibility Study Volume 3 April 1994
Copper Valley Intertie Feasibility Study Update November 1995


Transmission Line Avalanche Mitigation

Thompson Pass Avalanche Mitigation Study - June 2011


Ruralite Article 'Avalanches and the Transmission Line' - January 2010 Rualite Article 'Transmission Line in the Trouble Zone' - November 2011 Ruralite Article 'Out of the Line of Fire' - November 2014


Copper River School District Recovered Heat Study Report - May 2007