About Us

CVEA is a nonprofit cooperative corporation owned by its members.  The Board of Directors of the Cooperative is responsible for the overall management of the affairs of CVEA.  The Board consists of eight directors (4 members from the Copper River Basin district and 4 members from the Valdez district).  Directors are elected by the membership by mail balloting, with the results being reported at the Annual Meeting held by the Cooperative in each district, and are elected for staggered three-year terms.

CVEA Board of Directors (term)

Lon Rake
Mary Odden
Dan Stowe
Will Stark
Brad Honerlaw
Paul Kildal
Jeff Saxe
Fred Williams


Board President Lon Rake (2021)
Phone: 835-8301.
Residence: Valdez. Employment: Copper Valley Telecom. CVEA CVEA Member: 2010 Director Since:   2012. Experience: Works as Plant Supervisor for CVTC in the Valdez District. Degree in Organizational Management and in Telecommunications Technology. Tested IBEW Journeyman. Worked for electrical and telecommunication utility companies since 1993. Six years USAF service. Community Involvement: Member of the Valdez Strategic Planning Committee (Utility and Military cells), Safety Officer for May Day Fly-In, Valdez High School wrestling and football.



Board Vice President Mary Odden (2020)
Phone: 822-3727.

Residence: Nelchina. Employment: Self-Employed. CVEA Member: 1983 Director Since: 2014. Experience: Owner/Publisher of Copper River Record newspaper from 2005-2010. Co-Operator of Snowshoe Heating since 2009. Editor, writer, and has worked as an aviation logistics coordinator for Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Community Involvement: Member of Nelchina-Mendeltna Community Corporation for 26 years; served as President, Treasurer, Board Director, and on many committees. Was a member of the McGrath Fair Board a the Kuskokwim Valley Rescue Squad.



Board Secretary Dan Stowe (2019)
Phone: 835-5040.
Valdez. Employment: Retired. CVEA Member: 1993 Director Since:   2010. Experience: 43 years Project Engineer and Project Manager with various oil companies, Degree in Geological/Petroleum Engineering, 3 Years CVEA Board of Directors, Certified Cooperative Director. Community Involvement: Elk's Lodge for 15 years.



Board Treasurer Will Stark (2021)
Phone: 834-4815/835-3532.
Residence:  Valdez. Employment: Branch Manager/Vice President First National Bank Alaska. CVEA Member: 1999 Director Since: 2012. Experience: Branch Manager/Vice President First National Bank Alaska, Master's of Business Administration UAF 2003. Community Involvement: Valdez Rotary Club, United Way of Valdez, Junior Achievement, Board member of World Extreme Skiing Championships, Valdez Fish Derbies Board of Directors.



Director Brad Honerlaw(2019)
Phone: 822-5816.

Residence: Glennallen. Employment: Park Ranger, NPS-Wrangell St. Elias National Park. CVEA Member: 2006 Director Since: 2016. Experience: Border Patrol, BLM, Fish and Wildlife, and National Park Service for 19 years. Community Involvement: Parent Coordinator for Kluti Kaah Rural Cap Headstart Parent Committee.



Director Paul Kildal (2021)
Phone: 822-3643/259-4862
Residence: Glennallen. Employment:  Crowley Petroleum CVEA Member:  1973 Director Since:   2011. Experience: CVEA Board of Directors, Crowley Petroleum, Manager, Crowley Petroleum.



Director Jeff Saxe (2020)
Phone: 835-2633.
Residence: Valdez. Employment: Owner/Operator of Eagles Rest RV Park, Capt'n Joe's Gas & CJ's Tesoro. CVEA Member: 1991 Director Since:   2005. Experience: Owner/Operator of Eagles Rest RV Park since 1991, Capt'n Joe's Gas since 1993, and CJ's Tesoro since 1995. City of Valdez since 1991, Snow Removal Crew. Community Involvement: Eagles Lodge, Valdez Snowmachine Club Director.



Director Fred Williams (2019)
Phone: 822-3922.
Residence:  Copper Center. Employment:  Retired. CVEA Member:  1971 Director Since: 1971. Experience: Retired from Alaska Fish and Game. Community Involvement: Copper Valley Historical Society, Copper Valley Museum Volunteer, Copper Valley Visitors Center Volunteer, Fish and Game Advisory Committee, Recycling Our Areas Resources Volunteer.


CVEA Chief Executive Officer

John Duhamel, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (907) 822-3171
Email: heidelberg@cvea.org

Nancy Heidelberg, Executive Assistant
Phone: (907) 822-3171
Email: heidelberg@cvea.org

CVEA Management Team

Travis Million, Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (907) 822-8345
Email: million@cvea.org

Jaime Matthews, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (907) 822-8311
Email: matthews@cvea.org

Sharon Crisp, Director of Communications
Phone: (907) 835-7005
Email: crisp@cvea.org